On Sunday August 2021 Caribbean Limers held its 40 year reunion with twenty seven former members attending and with their families for a total of fifty persons.

Limers’ Reunion t’shirts were sponsored by Fiyad Ramjohn  and distributed to all members and reserved for those who now resides overseas and who did not attend due to other commitments.

The day was full of talk about the early years of Limers, jokes, speeches and recognitions of achievements of former members.

A table of old photos from 1980 to 1995 and other items were displayed .

The food comprised of Portuguese chicken and potatoes ( Tony Whyte ), Alim’s amazing beef paleau, Smithy’s Jamaican goat soup ( Manish Water ), Howard’s Dominican cow heel souse, George’s Trini saltfish accra, Horaces’s samosas and Bajan buljol ( saltfish ), pholourie ( Joel ), Chinese food ( Ranny ), cake ( Tony Baird ), doubles ( Rakeeb ), West Indian snacks ( Ave ) and a vast variety of drinks.

The event started at 1pm and went on until 9pm.

It was agreed by most that this will be annual affair and with adjustments.

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